Our “official” date for our CROP Walk will be Oct 4th at 1:00 pm at Columbus UMC. You may participate individually or in small groups before that date, or you may join in our short walk on October 4th. (We will require masks and observe social distancing.) We also invite all participants to gather for a celebration and picture on the 4th. We will register everyone on-line, which will give us more options for fundraising. Please contact Eileen Bennett for help in signing up.

Our CROP Walk can be found here: A team has already been created for Columbus UMC. Walkers may join that team or create their own. The advantage of on-line teams is that teams can use social media and e-mails to solicit donations. Walkers may also do a Facebook fundraiser. Our Facebook page is here:

We will still also be able to accept donations “off-line.” Checks should be made out to COLUMBUS UMC and may be given to individual walkers or mailed to church. Off-line donations are due to church by October 16th.

25% of our proceeds will go to the Columbus/Fall RiverFood Pantry. Participants in the first CROP Hunger Walk in 1969 walked 20 miles in solidarity with an average woman’s daily journey for clean water in some parts of the world. Because of CROP Hunger Walks in communities like Columbus, today that average walk for water is now only 3.4 miles.

For more information or to register, please contact Eileen Bennett.